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Protective & Safety Association of Kenya (PROSAK)


Founded in the year 2015 to ensure professionalism in the management of corporate security and safety operations in Kenya. Founding Members are drawn from across the Corporate Security and Safety Profession in Kenya


Recognizing everyday professionals giving security and safety service to industry and commerce in Kenya.


We have no trade union or political connections or aspirations. We are an independent professional security and safety body controlled and paid for by its members.

Information Exchange

We intend to develop and enhance the practice of security management programmes and exchange of information by security and safety suppliers.


Our main objective is providing and organizing training opportunities, business opportunities and a structured professional career development programs.

Our Partners

PROSAK Chairman

Enock Alumasi Makanga,


PROSAK being the first ever Professional Security & Safety Association in Kenya and the East Africa Region will develop and enhance the practice of security and safety as a professional career by the providing security and safety management programs and exchange of information for PROSAK Members.

We aim to establish a solid educational foundation on which to build our members by actively seeking links with educational institutions to promote security education qualifications and also be ensuring that our own educational offerings are robust and developed in line with the evolving needs of security and safety practitioners in Kenya. From this foundation will come solid career pathways from entry level through to leadership positions and we intend to be there to help PROSAK members of the security & Safety profession at each upward step.

We have taken giant strides in our operations but the biggest challenges are still ahead of us. As the Chairman, I aim to grow our membership, embed our influence within the profession and wider society and lead us further down the path towards eventual chartered body status internationally.

Welcome to the home of Security and Safety Experts in Kenya. Best wishes. EAM.

Enock MakangaProsak Chairman

Monica Kimeu Prosak Vice Chairlady

Delano Longwe Kiilu The National Secretary General