About Us

Our Aim

We are committed to the highest ethical security and safety standards in the practice of the security and safety profession. PROSAK aims at enhancing education, knowledge, and skills, to every security and safety practitioner and to prepare talented and self-driven individuals towards a challenging and fulfilling professional security and safety career. The challenge is to ensure that security and safety professionals have the capacity and capability to develop security programs that will prevent business losses, protect company assets and ensure the safety of the employees, the public, and customers.

Our Mission

We aim to promote training programs, standards and qualitative practices in the security and safety industry, through partnerships with both public and private sectors and other international stakeholders.

Our Vision

To be a dynamic Association devoted to improvement, excellence, customer satisfaction and to be the leading home for Security and Safety Professionals in Kenya.

Value Codes

Committed to promoting the development of Security and safety Skills and Professionalism. Promotion of ethical Security and Safety behavior and good Security and Safety practices.

Why Prosak

We are committed to establishing advisory center for security and safety as well as providing necessary guidance and support to its members, the media and members of the public.

Our professional security and safety programs will ensure that security and safety professionals get immediate recognition they deserve and also get certification for their knowledge in security and safety management.

We are committed to advancing the security and safety profession.

We aim to keep you on top of your career and security professionalism it provides you a platform to demonstrate your capability and serve the community

We provide forums of unlimited opportunities to exchange information, experiences and ideas with top professionals and colleagues and colleges.

We are committed to finding solutions to the emerging security issues facing us today by meeting with security and safety suppliers directly.

PROSAK Executive Selection Division (ESD) provides a great forum to network and also position you for career advancement.

This opportunity is only given or directed to PROSAK Members only.

Our Team

Our Management Structure

Our vision and objectives are achieved through a Governing Council Structure which is very well constituted to offer effective leadership, direction and guidance to the Association’s Management in an independent and mutually supportive method.

The Management members are selected for Five years duration in a Full General Annual Meeting held after 5 years. The Association holds Annual General Meetings to review and plan on annual Calendar of events.

The Office Bearers of the Association are nine members as follows:

  • The Chairperson
  • The Vice-Chairperson and Director Compliance, Legal Affairs, Ethics and Discipline.
  • The Secretary General
  • The Vice Secretary General and Director Corporate Communication and Media Liaison
  • The Treasurer
  • The Vice Treasurer and Director Resource Mobilization.
  • Director Recruitment, Validation and Certification.
  • Director Security, Safety Awareness and Training Programs.
  • Director Exemplary Performance and Integrity Awards and Recognition.

Our Methodology

To attain Excellence in the management of the Association, we have developed an approach that aims at ensuring that its programs give results continuously. The above PROSAK Sub Committees work as follows:

  • Validation Committee conducts assessments on membership application forms and awards categories depending on the Security and Safety Professionals Experience and qualifications and The Company’s registration papers as presented by the applicants. They advise the applicant of the results.
  • Programs development trainings for Members. PROSAK develops seminars, conferences, exhibitions and quarterly professional programs for progressive professional development. They work on PROSAK Quarterly Security Journal. Developing Annual Dinners with key stake holders. Marketing PROSAK to new members.
  • Executive Selection Division helps potential employers find qualified security and safety professionals through a streamlined and immediate job posting. Only PROSAK Members qualify to be recommended to employers.

Awards Service Board manages Security and Safety awards selection process. PROSAK Reward Program of the Security and Safety Company of the Year Award (SSCOYA) and will ensure that improvements in security and Safety management practices are evaluated and standards are maintained and spread throughout Kenya.