• Discount in all Seminars and Conferences conducted through PROSAK
  • PROSAK Membership Certificate and Card.
  • Free attendance for any PROSAK members’ products promotion.
  • Career development through training for Individual members.
  • Professional recognition that enhances your reputation and credentials.
  • Full use of the Professional Members Designations of the Association in your applications:
    FPROSAK (Fellow of the PROSAK)
    AFFMPROSAK (Affiliate Member of Prosak)
    TECHMPROSAK (Technical Member of Prosak)
    MPROSAK (Member of the PROSAK)
    AMPROSAK (Associate Member of PROSAK)
    HMPROSAK (Honorary Member for Prosak).
  • Business Networking and contacts within the Security and Safety industry from both the Public and Private Sectors.
  • Leadership opportunities through PROSAK Recruitment to employers.
  • Information and updates through our Membership contacts.
  • Participation in seminars, workshops and Security professional forums and exchange of information purposes.
  • Educational and professional team visits in the Region.
  • Participate in Security Annual Awards and Dinner functions.
  • Free Security information